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Top 20 Keys to Rank Higher Than Your Competitors On Google In 2018



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Are your organic competitors currently ranking higher than you? If yes, then you need to tighten up your SEO tricks once again.

Don’t sit back and expect results. You need to do everything possible to rank higher than your Organic competitors on search results.

No serious CEO or a business minded person would ever be comfortable when close competitors are doing better. It is time to regain your organic position.

In the world of SEO, there are myriads of opinions, tactics and thoughts about best practices. Only the best practices brings the best results.

In this article, I will be revealing the 20 SEO tricks you need to and other big search engines like Bing and Yahoo. You may want to see them below:


1. Find Out What They Are Doing

It is true that there is no effect without cause . For your competitor to suddenly rank higher than you, it means that they have upgraded their SEO tricks. Find out what really changed in their algorithm.

When you find out what they are doing, do it 10x better . This will give you a result that is
10x better than what they are getting.

2. Create High Quality Content

Articles are written but content are created. This is why content will always be the king. Always create high quality and standard content. High quality content equals high quality ranking.

3. Update Your Blog Posts And Write New Ones

Creating quality content is good. However, it is not the end. Ensure to update your old posts once in a while. This will improve the ranking for such posts.

Another SEO trick to overthrow you conpetitors is to update your blog with quality articles frequently. This SEO strategy will help you maintain strong organic presence.

4. Improve Your Page Speed

In my article on the top Google ranking factors, I mentioned pagespeed as an important Google ranking factor. You may want to read other
important google ranking factors .

5. Don’t Neglect Bing SEO

This is a mistake you should never make. A lot of webmasters and SEO expects focus too much on Google that they forget about Bing. Poor Bing ranking is equal to poor Yahoo search ranking because Yahoo search depends on Bing’s core algorithm. I have done justice to Bing SEO and ranking factors. You may want to go through the article here .

6. Monitor Their Backlinks And Build Yours

It is true that backlinks are no longer strong ranking signals the way it used to be. However, they are still good ranking factors. A very good SEO trick is to monitor your competitors backlinks and use it to build yours.

For me, I use an android SEO BACKLINKS app to monitor my competitors backlink and their rating.

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7. Don’t Neglect No-Follow Links

Yes, I decided to treat this on it’s own. It is true that No-follow links are not followed by Google bolts. But they have SEO advantages.

In fact, blog commenting drives referral traffic to your site. You need Do-follow, as well as no-follow backlinks.

8. Publish Relevant Content

Publishing relevant content will help you build trust. This will give you loyal visitors and dramatically reduce your bounce rate.

Never write misleading articles. It is not good for the growth of your business.

9. Irresistible Headlines

This is the first thing visitors look at. Make your headlines catchy and more attractive than your competitors’ titles.

Irresistible headlines will increase your click through rate and ultimately increase your website traffic.

10. Work On Your Design

All you need is a very simple and neat design. This will boost your user experience. When your visitors discovers that they are more comfortable in your competitor’s website, you know what that means right?

Also, google loves websites/blogs with very simple and responsive design.

11. Make Your Content Readable

Readability is a very important factor in blogging and SEO. Make sure your content can be read by your visitors and Robots.

One way to achieve this is my breaking down your content into short paragraphs and using very simple language. Avoid using very long sentences.

12. Technical SEO

Once in a while, check out for technically issues in your site. Check and fix broken links. Optimize your database. Scan for malware and other technical SEO issues.

For me, I do technical SEO audit monthly. You may want to try semrush for monthly seo reports.

13. Write For Visitors

Create content or posts that will benefit your visitors. Do not focus too much on ranking high that you fail to deliver content that meet the need of your target audience.

14. Don’t stuff keywords

Before Google Panda 4.0 and HummingBird update, stuffing keywords used to boost ranking. Now, it has become an SEO myth. As a matter of fact, very high keyword density can make Google and other search engines to blacklist your site.

15. Build Social Connection

Social connection has become a major ranking signal. Build social share and social count buttons. This will not only increase your ranking, it will as well improve your visitors engagement rate.

16. Monitor Your Competitors Content

Monitor the type of content your competitor continually create and create a better one.

17. Monitor Their Writing Strategy

Check out your competitors writing strategy and try to do something similar. Similar work equals similar result.

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18. Focus On Onpage SEO

Onpage is a highly recommended SEO trick. Work towards a perfect onpage seo. This will astronomically boost your ranking on search results.

Some onpage SEO strategy you should focus on are:

  • Nice title and meta description.
  • Use of H1, H2 and H3 tags in your post.
  • Use of image Alt attribute.
  • Link Anchors.
  • No-follow tags.
  • Keyword in title.
  • Keyword in url.
  • Short url.
  • Keyword in first paragraph.
  • Keywork in H1, H2 and H3 tags.
  • Internal and external linking.

19. Check Their Domain Age

Is your competitors domain age and authority more than yours? It still doesn’t stop you. You can still compete very well.

20. Test Out Different SEO Tricks

Keep experimenting with different SEO tricks and strategy to see which works for you better.

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