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Man Who Spends 7 Years at the University end with 3rd Class, Now a PhD Holder



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Are you going through a tough time now and planning on giving up? Wait, don’t give up yet, God is capable of changing your story.

Below is an story of a man who spent 7 years at the university and came out with , but now holds a PhD.

“Today I am holding a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) dee. It is not really new that people get a PhD but my own story might be a bit interesting.

I graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) with a third class degree. I did this third class degree for over 7 years. It was a period of horrible experiences. All classmates left me behind I remember I was actually tempted to drop out. But I managed to stay back to at least get a degree so it won’t be wasted years.

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Today I have a doctorate degree in the same discipline. I vividly remember a Professor of Zoology in FUNAAB who is popularly known for tyranny told me and I quote “You are carrying a useless degree”. I wonder how he will feel when he knows that the useless degree has produced 3 postgraduate degrees outside the shores of Nigeria including a Master of Science degree with a distinction and a Doctorate degree. Maybe my story will give him a repentant heart towards poor students and even unserious ones.

How things turn around, Christ is the source. All glory to him. I am only sad that my late dad all through the struggle never gave up on me but he did not wait to see this success. He invested all he has to see me succeed. I am sure he is rejoicing in heaven over this. And that is why I dedicate this degree to you my Late Dad (Late Elder Joseph Bamigboye). Death did not make you see this but I am sure you are glad in heaven.

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My mum intensified prayers and support in a very aggressive manner to see the cup pass over me. Thanks to her. Also to everyone who did not give up on me in a state of despair you are all superhero. It is easy to identify with success but thanks for being close when failure was speaking too loud.

To God be all the glory. To every discouraged people out there, please do not focus on the negative and do not be hopeless, and do not give up, it will soon be over.”

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